Today I received the longed-for parcel containing a fancy cello rosin and a new practice book. The first thing I did was I literally read through the music of the entire book while occasionally switching focus, staring happily at the rosin. The whole unwrapping process took me about one and a half hour. (Yes, I’m like that.)

The book is called Fit In 15 Minutes and contains short warm-up excercises and scales. During today’s practice I could already tell I’m gonna love this book. It is organized in a way that will suit my fidgety perfectly. (I have a tendency of drifting off, starting to play rather than practice… I’ve finally learned there’s a huge difference between the two.)

Oh, and this wonderful new cello of mine… This golden, beautiful wooden box. I’m still in love.

So, to sum it all upp: I’m ready for the cello year of 2019! I’m hoping for lots of gigs and opportunities to play.

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