A Secret Album Cover Project – and a Reflection on Solitude

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Hi, all you wonderful people. Today I’m working on an album cover for a band that may be one of my new favourites. I really love their melodic blues/jazz/rock/funk/etcetera music and it’s such an honour to be their artist of choice for this project. I’m trying hard not to think too much about it or I might start to get nervous. But so far I’m really happy with the picture I’m creating.

I promised myself not to drink any more coffee. Somehow, I suddenly sat there and drank coffee anyway…

Today I’ve felt quite lonely, to be honest. I decided to go for a walk to check some of the new surroundings – I moved to another town recently – and get the chance to see other people. I said “hi” to some of them, but they just gave me angry glances and hurried on. That’s when I remembered; “Oh. This is Borås… Some of the stiffest people in Sweden seem to live here.”

Thus, the walk didn’t help much. Unfortunately, sometimes I blame my feelings of loneliness on myself not being good, fun or even pretty enough. The thoughts of solitude just grew louder and louder until it felt as though my head was about to explode. And that was when I decided to shut the brain down by… working. (Ah, I can’t stand not being at work!)

For the record, I never ate the healthy, orange one.

Four hours later, I enjoyed the consolation I get from my art. It provides me with warmth and acceptance. Only when I create, I feel proud, smart and beautiful. I’m limitless and free, more than just any human being, and I’m lonely no more.

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