Hello, everybody! My latest mission was that of a recording engineer. The Flying Bumblebees (do stop by their Facebook page) requested me to record the violin with them, and I was happy to do so. The violinist, Anna Mogren, nailed it all in just three whole takes; I was amazed by how she just walked in and delivered those.

I, the Demon Queen of Music in action, adjusting the microphones while Anna is waiting patiently.

I opted for a room not too big in size, with warm acoustics and of course a wooden floor. Those are great for string instruments. I decided to play around a bit with the microphones. I used three mics; of course my cute little AKGC414 (which I will continue using ’til the day I die) – but also, the wildcard named Oktava MK 012-01. This one I placed a bit elevated (and for only one moment I wished I was taller), maybe five or six feet away from the instrument. The result of this action was… mind-blowing.

It’s so cute I think I’m gonna… argh.

So everything just went well. Three hours of work, and then I was on my way home again. This day was just what I needed! Now I really hope that the song turns out the way the Bumblebees want it to. Best of luck to them! I really recommend you to check out their music on Spotify.

“Don’t trust an engineer who doesn’t offer you something edible.” – Famous sound producer saying. (Not really.)
The Flying Bumblebees featuring Anna Mogren.

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