A Gig Fairytale – and Back Pain

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Let me tell you a story about a Sunday afternoon concert in a chuch somewhere in the vast forests of Sweden…

Well, I shouldn’t heighten your expectations too much. Anyhow, yesterday’s string quartet gig proved to be a success, to be honest. Everything was just… right. The audience must have felt it too; and for the first time in our rather short time playing together, our little quartet recieved a standing ovation and got to play an encore. Sweet!

Ambj√∂rnarp church, Sweden. A great atmoshphere to play in, unless you avoid sitting right underneath the peak of the arch. (Should I hashtag flutter echo here?) Other than that – lovely reverberation from the wooden paneling, perfect for strings. (Nerd alert…)

After the lovely gig, my back was killing me. The price I have to pay for doing what I love. The neck and right side of my trapezius muscle are so damn tense, and those muscle knots… Oh, the asymmetry we have to endure for the sake of our musical instruments…

Luckily, there is yoga. And ice. And massage. And the fact that pain is just weakness leaving the body… (?)

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