Hi, Mystiq Arts followers and friends!

I have been absent for some time, not updating the website quite as often as I should have. I guess I needed some time to get accustomed to studying psychology or something, but hey – now I’m back! And there are things happening behind the curtain, mark my words. I thought I might compensate for my absence by summing this winter up in this one post.

Christmas Concert in Mossebo (7th December)

Mossebo church at night.

Kinds Stråkkvartett (or Kind String Quartet, as I like to call us) played lots of christmas songs and carols for a freezing cold audience. Luckily, music makes people’s temperature rise.

A very Kind String Quartet: the four lovelies Kristin Freidlitz, Ulrika Hilldén, Ida Benjaminsson (me!) and Lena Kroon.

Julton, Tranemo Church (14th December)

This is by far my favourite concert this winter. Karin Dahlberg – need I say more? What a wonderful voice she has. It was an honour to make some music at her side, along with Per Lundin, Morgan Blåberg and David Norén among others.

Hm… It looks messier than I remember it. Anyhow, this photo was taken after a rehearsal.

One thing that I will remember was the opportunity to perform one of my own pieces, called Lucida (meaning something like “Shining Star” in latin). It was really challenging considering the shifts I had to make, and the strange thumb position tricks… but that is what made it all so fun, I guess. It went well and left me hungry for more and more and more…

Concerts like these are the best.

Boxing Day Concert, Hulared (26th December)

An ever so Kind String Quartet after the concert in Hulared.

Kinds Stråkkvartett had the honour of returning to Hulared, exactly one year after our first concert ever. I can’t believe we’ve only played together for a year. Let there be many years more!

Epiphany Concert, Länghem (6th January)

The quartet played in Länghem (the place where I went to school as a kid) to play alongside two choirs. I used to play some of my earliest concerts in this church. It was just as I remembered it, but hopefully it sounded better.

Whew! Let’s hope 2020 will be the Mystiq Arts Year, and let there be even more concerts, music and art.

Love to you all!

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