Last Thursday was quite a long day. I set out along with Kristin Freidlitz and Lena Kroon to Studio Glasfågeln in Vallsås, Sweden. Strings for a wedding march composed by André Egbo was to be recorded by engineer Gustav Davidsson.

How’s that for name-dropping?

Apparently, Gustav has great taste when it comes to microphones! This stereo set of AKG C414, of course, especially caught my eye for reasons some of you may well know of…

Upon arriving at the cozy studio, we were met by the very agreeable engineer Gustav, who provided us with most important thing of all when a recording is to be made: fika!

Ah, a closeup of the lovely Neumann KM184.

The recording went very well! After a long journey home (we kind of took a wrong turn in the middle of the deep, vast woods) filled with stimulating and inspiring conversation, I summed up the day, tired, but happy. I would so much want to do this every day!

Here’s the mandatory post-rec-session group pic:

Gustav, Lena, André, Ida (that’s me!) and Kristin. What a happy-looking squad! (Photo credits: André Egbo.)

See you all in the next post!

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