One day not too long ago, I’d had enough. I had finally gotten tired of just dreaming of a possible future that may or not happen – tired of the thoughts that sounded like “Time is slipping through my fingers, it’s too late, I should’ve done something years ago…”

I was fed up with feeling hopeless. That’s when that key thought hit me: “From now on, I can only get better, and better, and better. All I need to do is practice and persist.”

‘Cause in all honesty, my friends, that’s what’s so wonderful about being human. As long as we do something actively, it’s hard not to get better at it eventually.

So, I started my change, immediately. I started forcing myself to do something, everyday – even if it was just for five minutes. I decided to post one image of my drawing and painting process every single day, regardless of the quality of the post and the art that was in it.

Since these decisions, I’ve learned so much. I think I’ve grown as a person. I’ve realised I really want to do this for a living; I want to create art and illustrations and patterns! I may not have thousands of followers or clients yet, but knowing that my portfolio keeps expanding and that my following grows slowly but steadily gives me so much pleasure. I’ll keep on working and enjoying every single part of the process!

So… my advice for those of you who – like me – have lived in fear of failure way too long; just let it go. Start working on that dream – if only just for five minutes a day. Who knows where you might end up?

Now have a nice day!

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