“Till Medmänniskan”

Eva Bernodt recently released her beautiful poetry book called Till medmänniskan (To the Fellow Human Being). She’d seen my penguin painting in gouache and watercolour and wanted to feature it in the book, which of course made me very happy. The book is full of beautiful poems and wise thoughts. Thank you, Eva, for letting my little penguins peek up amongst the pages!

I’ll see you in the next post. Cheers!

Skaraborgssalongen 2021

There’s an art exhibition “contest” going on here in Sweden. I just sent in some of my art, so – fingers crossed! I hope at least one of my paintings will be accepted. Why don’t you give it a try, too? The application is open until tomorrow, so click the link below for a chance to showcase your work.

Cheers! (And once again… fingers crossed!)

Welcome to the New Website!

Some changes have been made to the Mystiq Arts website. My ambition was to create a less confusing experience with all my art contained in a separate portfolio, and I hope you’ll enjoy the new look! Feel free to browse all of my latest artwork – or connect with me on the various social platforms, or by e-mail.